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Industrial Electrical Transformers

Ever wonder what to do with electrical distribution and motor control products that you no longer need? Can you throw them away? Should they be recycled? What if they’re obsolete or can only be considered salvage? Who can you call to ask? Electrical Distribution and Control is a family owned and operated company that buys and sells used and obsolete or surplus electrical distribution and motor control products. Call us up and we’ll come out to your work place to give a quote on Electrical Power Transformers. Once you say go, we’ll take them off your hands and pay you a fair price. We even provide service to the commercial and industrial industries. Industrial Electrical Transformers are difficult to get rid of safely. We’ll buy them for a fair price and do all the heavy lifting. We have our own team, our own equipment, and we’re fully insured. So you can get back to work while we take care of the Electrical Transformers you no longer need. We’ll recondition and repair these products and reintroduce them into the market. Or if that’s not possible, we’ll safely recycle them. Either way, you can get rid of them and get paid for products you no longer want without just tossing them in the trash.

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